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Physics I for Class 25 (even ID numbers) & Class 26 (2019)


April 10Classes have started!
April 17So sorry! The handout of April 17 had many typos. They have been corrected.
July 11So sorry! The answer to Ex.5-5 was wrong! The correct answer is here!
July 17My answer to the question on No.5 in the final exam of 2017 is here!
Aug. 13The scores of the final exam are listed here! The final scores of Physics 1 are listed here!

Class Information

InstructorNorihiro Izumi
River and Watershed Engineering Lab., Faculty of Engineering
Phone & Fax011-706-6187
TimeWednesday 10:30 - 12:00
Office HourWednesday 12:00 - 13:00,
or anytime as needed (make an appointment by email)

Class Schedule

No.1Apr. 10 Ch.1 Concept of motion Handout Answers
No.2Apr. 17 Ch.2 Multi-dimensional motion Handout Answers
No.3Apr. 24 Ch.3 Law of force and motion Handout Answers
No.4May 08Ch.4 Application of Newton's law Handout Answers
No.5May 15 Ch.5 Work and energy Handout Answers
No.6May 22 Ch.6 Impulse and momentum Handout Answers
No.7May 29 Ch.7 Circular motion Handout Answers
No.8Jun. 05 Exercise for Midterm Exam. Midterm18, 17 Answers18 17
Jun. 10 Class canceled
No.9Jun. 12 Midterm exam. Problems Answers
No.10Jun. 19 Ch.8 & 9 Rigid bodies' motion Handout Answers
No.11Jun. 26 Ch.10 Fluid mechanics Handout Answers
No.12Jul. 03 Ch.11 Oscillation Handout Answers
No.13Jul. 10 Ch.12 & 13 Waves and Sound Handout Answers
No.14Jul. 17 Ch.14 Optics and Ex. for Final Handout 18 17 Answers 18 17
No.15 Jul. 24 Final examination Problems Answers


教授:泉 典洋
准教授:山田 朋人
助教:Coutinho de Lima




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